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5 Interesting In-Home Start-ups


In the exciting and fast-paced world of start-ups, anything’s possible. Whether it is through technology, the environment, design or just a clever idea, we’re seeing more start-ups focus on the home. Check out these five that invite us to live cleaner, smarter and more creatively.

Ponix Systems

With the development of Bowden and Realm Adelaide being 70% sold, Adelaide’s apartment-living lifestyle is booming. Austrian agricultural start up Ponix Systems gives back the one thing apartment dwellers could be missing – a vegetable garden.

Herbert is a picture frame illuminated by LEDs. Hanging vertically, it allows those without a garden to grow a wide variety of vegetables and herbs on their walls. The lighting system ensures growth all year round, regardless of weather conditions and uses water rather than soil.

Herbert is self-watering, drawing from a leak-proof reservoir. It’s neat, environmentally friendly, convenient and perfect for green thumbs living in high-rise or space-poor housing.

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Based in Sydney, Designbx is revolutionising online interior design in Australia. An industry and service usually reserved for the wealthy, this savvy start-up brings professional flair to a whole new market.

It’s easy! All you have to do is take the online quiz to establish your ‘design style’. Submit photos of the room you wish to redesign along with the dimensions, and details of your design style. Select your designer and work together to create your new room – all for a fixed price starting from $299. A personal shopper orders all furniture and accessories which are delivered free to your door.

Designbx provides consumers with a package suiting their budget and avoids costly blowouts.

Acre Designs

Acre Designs take the concept of flat-packs to a whole new level. Based in California, their aim is to bring together the latest technologies and materials to create homes that are 90% more efficient than standard designs.

After selecting a home design and reserving your spot online, a site visit is scheduled to confirm location and building of foundations. Acre Designs then deliver a container of all materials and products required, and one of their contractors to construct your home.

Sustainability is a focus for Acre Designs. Space-efficient, flexible floor plans take advantage of the existing environment. Sunlight is captured for passive heating and phase change material (PCM) that naturally regulates heating and cooling throughout the home. Low-flow plumbing fixtures are used; therefore 70% less water is required.

Technologies such as Wi-Fi, keyless entry, digital key sharing and wireless programmable lighting are all included as standard.


Spacer will change the way you look at your home. Considered the AirBnB of self-storage, Spacer helps you find a storage space that is local and at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage companies.

Here’s how it works: Search your local area for the storage space you require. Confirm all details and pay the host. Then move in! Personal possessions are guaranteed up to $10,000 for peace of mind.

Founded in Sydney, Spacer taps into the bigger homes/less occupants trend Australia has established over the last few years. Spare driveways, carports, sheds and rooms can now be utilised in a practical way while acting as an extra income for the ‘large house’ householder.

Whether you need space or have space, Spacer is a win/win.

Deako Smart Switches

Based in Seattle, Deako was born out of a simple need for connected and functional lighting that looked fantastic but didn’t cost a fortune.

Deako allows you to turn off all the lights in your home from just one switch – great for when you’re running late! Lighting profiles can be created for specific activities, such as dinner parties or watching a movie. Timers can be set ensuring lights aren’t on longer than they need to be, and can also be cycled on and off for added security while you’re away on holiday. Voice activation is an added bonus that allows for hands-free use.

Smart and convenient, the system can be controlled from anywhere in or away from the home.