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The 5 Must Have Home Design and Decorating Apps


Magic Plan

Great for DIYers, this app allows your existing floor plan to be created in minutes. Calculate material requirements for renovations, easily position furniture and other objects with the drag-and-drop feature.

It’s a quick and easy way for real estate agents and Airbnb hosts to display floor plans neatly and accurately.


Want to design your dream home from the ground up? Homestyler allows you to create comprehensive 2D and 3D floor plans from scratch.

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Select colour schemes, furniture and decorative pieces from their extensive catalogues to bring your vision to life. Walk through your ‘new home’ for a real-time experience.

Photo Measures

You’ve found the perfect couch but you’re wondering if it will be too big? Photo Measures is the easiest way to store measurements on your phone.

Simply take a photo of the space and draw in your measurements. Zoom and magnify functions provide greater accuracy around tricky areas like fixed heating/cooling systems. Perfect for home decorating and renovating.

Dulux Colour

Choosing the right paint colour can be overwhelming. With the Dulux Colour app you can:

  • Browse over 4,500 colours
  • Visualise a colour in a space
  • Hear what the experts say about current colour trends
  • Save and share your choice with others

And probably the most exciting…love the shade of yellow in your egg this morning? Upload a photo to the app and it will determine the closest match from the Dulux catalogue.


Not sure how a piece of art will look in your home? Or if it will fit? Take a photo of your space, then browse included galleries or upload photos to determine what suits. A good way to avoid expensive mistakes!

If you’re an artist or seller, you can reach customers and increase sales by adding pieces to the galleries on Curate.