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5 Ways to Create the Illusion of Space


With house sizes shrinking and apartment living on the rise, creating space in a small room or home becomes paramount. Here are 5 styling tips to make your home feel like less of a squeeze.

Mirror Magic

Individual or floor-to-ceiling mirrors help reflect light, expand walls and break up clutter, making the room feel larger. Consider which areas you would like reflected before choosing the perfect position. Choose a focal point and angle the mirror towards it to create depth.

Choose the Right Furniture

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Avoid bulky, space consuming pieces and avoid causing clutter with numerous smaller items. Keep colours neutral, or similar, to wall colours so larger furniture blends into the background.

Choosing items that are made of clear materials or are on raised legs reduces the visual weight of your furniture.

Open Up the Windows

Extending the curtain rod beyond the window makes it appear larger, and the ceilings taller. Avoid heavy, dark-coloured window coverings as they emphasise how small a space is.


Light-coloured, sheer window coverings will create a more open, spacious feel. Use floor-length curtains for greater impact.

Unify Your Flooring

Avoid using two different floor coverings for the kitchen and living areas. By using the same flooring throughout, a more spacious feel is created.

Steer clear of patterned rugs or carpets as they can be space suckers – although rugs with stripes running vertically can make a room appear longer.

Go with Glass

In the bathroom, a glass shower screen will allow your eye to take in the entire space, as opposed to a shower curtain which acts as a visual barrier.

Replacing wooden doors with French doors, or installing glass panels will lead your eye outside, making the room feel, and appear, larger than it is.