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The Adelaide agents killing it on Social Media – Travis Denham


The modern age of technology poses unique challenges for real estate agents, as well as providing new opportunities.

For a prospective real estate agent, the challenge of attracting, engaging and doing business with clients via social media could seem an intimidating and time-consuming endeavour.

Fortunately, we have spoken to a number of South Australian real estate’s most prolific users of social media, who can shed light on the strategies essential to success in this area, and the effectiveness of them.

How important do you deem social media to success in the real estate industry in this day and age?

Social media has had a huge impact in my successful rise to be the number 1 Real Estate Agent at my Agency and in the top 5 for volume of sales in the state. Most of my new business comes from referrals often based around my online and social media presence. The real skill I have is making common connections and building trust which is what social media supports. What I’ve found is that because I implemented a strong focus on my own social media from early in my career, often a lot of my new listings are from people who have been following my rise over 4, 5 or 6 years.

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What strategies do you employ to market yourself on social media?

The main strategy I use is through Facebook. I have my own individual profile and my Team’s profile under the “Travis Denham Team”. All of my listings are now boosted through my Team’s profile. What I have found is that this has resulted in an increased number of buyers at my opens which is great for my vendors. One example was last week where by boosting the listing I had for sale in Sheidow Park through my page, I exceeded a reach of 4400. This property that I had priced $549-$589k ended up selling for $630k with multiple offers.

What social media platforms do you use and why?

Mainly Facebook as the reach can be huge. My personal network is a database in itself that is filled with friends, family past clients and current. On my personal page I’ll post real estate news occasionally, usually promoting an award that my team has received or a particular testimonial that may be touching.

On my teams page we will mainly post new listings and in addition to this, once a month I like to hold competitions thsat include dog grooming packs that can be won, fathers day competitions and donating to charities. This creates great interaction with my tribe of supporters and this giving back has resulted in over 1000 likes to my teams page.

Facebook Live is a great feature that I often take advantage of. I have a huge following from other real estate agents whom I train and I use this feature specifically at speaking events that I’m invited to as an industry leader. This feature is great way to leverage and spread my ideas, systems and experience to a broader community of eager real estate professionals.

Which demographics are you trying to target when promoting on social media?

The audience I target specifically is broad, normally ranging in age from 25 up. What I’ve found is that often vendors will follow me for years before they look to transact real estate. The best advice I would give anyone in regards to social media would be consistency, recency and frequency. What I mean by this is that you need to be continually posting new relevant posts that either help someone in the real estate space or remind them of your success so that you are their real estate guy if and when they look to sell.

How does the effectiveness of social media marketing compare to other methods of reaching clients, such as physical advertisement and face-to-face encounters?

There’s no doubt that the best way to build a connection with another human being is by face to face, however what social media does is give you leverage and gives you the ability to reach more and more people. This reach if done correctly and the right way can have a significant and dramatic affect on anyone’s business.

Most people live on their phones nowadays so to remain relevant in this ever changing real estate space you need to have a strong social media presence. It’s no longer an option, it’s an expectation regardless of where you sell.