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These are Adelaide’s most walkable suburbs


Online real estate company Redfin has revealed Adelaide’s most walkable suburbs via its popular site Walk Score.

Redfin created Walk Score in order to promote walkable neighbourhoods around the globe as they provide a simple solution to issues surrounding the environment, health and the economy. According to Walk Score, a score is measured by pulling data from sources such as Google and analysing hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities. Points are awarded based on the distance to amenities in each category, with a maximum amount given to amenities located within a five-minute walk.

Pedestrian friendliness is also measured by analysing population density and road metrics such as block length and intersection density. Finally, each area is allocated a walk score with the following ranges:

99-100 Walker’s Paradise: Daily errands do not require a car.
70-89 Very Walkable: Most errands can be accomplished on foot.
50–69 Somewhat Walkable: Some errands can be accomplished on foot.
25–49 Car-Dependent: Most errands require a car.
0–24 Car-Dependent: Almost all errands require a car.

For Adelaide, the top 10 most walkable suburbs and their scores are as follows:

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1. Adelaide — score 90
2. Glenelg — 87
3. Stepney — 86
4. Norwood – 85
5. North Adelaide, Hilton, Hyde Park, Exeter — 83
6. Goodwood, Unley — 82
7. Semaphore — 81
8. Mile End — 79
9. Kingswood, College Park, West Hindmarsh — 78
10. Kensington, Hawthorn — 77

Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) president Alex Ouwens told Realestate.com.au that today’s time-poor buyers increasingly desire properties within walking distance of everyday amenities.

“If people can save money by leaving the car in the garage, that’s a good thing,” he said. “People are now more aware of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and becoming more active, and being able to walk to the things that interest them is very appealing.”

A recent survey of Rent.com.au users found that they liked living in Walker’s paradise suburbs because they have more time (29%), see big improvements to their health (24%), feel happier (17%) have a reduced impact on the environment (16%) and feel a stronger connection with their local community (14%).