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Buying to Renovate? 5 Things to Consider First


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Robert Bezemer from Bezemer Home Inspections, comments on what to consider first when buying to renovate.


The old adage ‘the worst house on the best street’ still applies. Avoid buying on main roads, near railway lines or on the low side of the street.

Robert says “when choosing a location, be careful not to overcapitalise. Consider how much you’ll be spending on renovations and make sure this is appropriate for the area.”

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Be realistic. Not only are you buying a property, you then need to cover renovation costs.

For estimates, seek professional advice from renovation consultants and builders. Use spread sheets to keep track of costs if going ahead.

Get quotes in writing and watch out for any special conditions hidden in contracts. Consider where DIY will save money, without sacrificing quality.

How Much Work Do You Want?

Conducting structural changes is where costs and the work load can pile up. Consider properties with structural integrity requiring only a cosmetic revamp.

“If you are wanting to add an extension, check with council as to what can be done. Most things can be done, but it’s more important to know what you can’t do,” Robert says.


Pinpoint areas to value-add. Older properties can offer great opportunities for structural work, while purely cosmetic renovations are better suited to homes of a particular age and style.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations always add value to a property and are popular with buyers. Visit display homes for current trends.

Contracts, Planning & Pests

“Checking drainage is something we conduct as part of our pre-purchase inspections. Avoid building over the sewer as this can be an added expense,’ Robert says.

Confirm easements as these can limit opportunities to extend. Finally, it is a must to have a building inspector and pest controller provide a full report on the property before purchasing.

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