Odile Faludi’s Adelaide visit on the 23rd & 24th of May is set to sell out with 50% of pre-sale tickets already sold before the public release.

The exclusive, limited seats event took so many pre-registration enquiries that event organisers were forced to add additional seating capacity to the traditionally intimate training event.

Odile Faludi spoke to SA Real Estate News and said that the response had been “overwhelmingly positive”.

“Usually my cold calling training event is held exclusively for a single business or team, including McGrath Estates in Sydney at their most recent QUARTERLY sales conference, and the national Ray White Business Development Team.

This is a great opportunity for individuals working in small businesses to take advantage of the same training usually exclusive to larger organisations.”

Odile says this cold calling training event has been designed specifically for real estate agents, after having previously consulting for Fortune 500 companies, she has now turned her sights to the real estate industry.

“Fortune 500 companies treat cold calling much the same way agents do, acknowledging that cold calling is the most effective way to prospect for business, and much more efficient than marketing.

My approach focuses on making efficient use of your time, by making the most effective calls possible.

I’ve been able to help agents go from making 100 calls a day for 3 or 4 appraisals, to just 40 calls for 8 appraisals. To do that, you have to change your mindset, and totally revamp your conversation on the phone, which is what this training is all about.”

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Guests of the event will be treated to lunch & refreshments served all day during the 9am – 5pm event, along with a hands-on training session only run with a small class.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at Eventbrite by searcing “Odile Faludi – Cold Call Trainer” or by clicking here to go straight to bookings.