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We Follow-up With BRICKX CEO Anthony Millet About the $74 St Peters Property

BRICKX CEO Anthony Millet

Back in August, over 4,000 individuals read about how BRICKX is selling this investment property in St Peters for just $74.

This was followed by over 700 investors buying into the newest listing on BRICKX nationally, with around 25% of investors being South Australians taking up the opportunity, also taking up the opportunity to diversify into the Sydney & Melbourne markets.

SAREN: “Did the response (to the St Peters Property) inspire BRICKX to consider future investments in South Australia?”

AM: Yes, within time we hope to expand the current portfolio to include more opportunities within South Australia providing diversity across other desirable suburbs like North Adelaide and Unley. 

SAREN: How many South Australian investors have joined BRICKX just to invest in the St Peters property?

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AM: Just under 25 per cent of the investors in St Peters are from South Australia. The majority of these joined prior to the Adelaide launch. We’ve seen a lot of them also diversifying into both the Sydney and Melbourne markets.

The Third Avenue, St Peters home purchased by BRICKX

SAREN: What has been the response from the market regarding investing in Adelaide compared to the Eastern states?

AM: “We’re thrilled with the response to our first property in Adelaide. There are just under 700 investors in the St Peters house now and this has been well supported by investors nationally. Of course, the real win is for investors who can now access residential real estate investments in a way they haven’t been able to previously.”

SAREN: When can investors expect their first rental payment into their accounts? 

AM: Rent for the month of September was paid on the 10th of October for all those who held Bricks as at 30th September. Rent will then continue to be paid monthly (based on available cash flow).

The BRICKX Dashboard

SAREN: Regarding BRICKX generally, how many South Australians are registered with BRICKX, has this proven to be a popular FinTech with SA investors?

AM: South Australians account for over 400 investors on BRICKX. We’ve seen greater adoption in NSW and Victoria due to the majority of our properties being there but are expecting to see consistent growth in South Australia now that we have a presence there.

SAREN: How many Bricks are being traded daily / weekly / monthly?

AM: Since our launch last September, there have been over 150,000 Bricks transacted – this is split across over 7,000 investors nationally. 

SAREN: A burning question we’ve been asked by readers: Will BRICKX ever consider listing bricks on the ASX? Or maintain their platform independence?

AM: For now, it will just be on BRICKX. Our environment is unique, however, as our business continues to evolve, no ideas are off limits!

For more information, visit www.brickx.com

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