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The Importance of Hiring an Independent Conveyancer


Buying a property is serious stuff. There’s a lot that can go wrong, and you want to make sure that the conveyancer you are working with is one that is experienced, has the knowledge and experience to advise you correctly, and most importantly – acts in your interests only.

But when would a conveyancer not act in your best interests? Sam Ielasi from Independent Conveyancers explains.

What’s a conveyancer?

A conveyancer looks after your interests in the purchase or sale of a property. They are your representative in the transaction and attend to all settlement matters and ensure that all the matters relating to mortgages, title issues, etc. are dealt with prior to or at settlement.

You can appoint a conveyancer in two ways:

  • Allow your agent to appoint one for you.
  • Approach a conveyancer directly and appoint them yourself to act for you.
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Important Note: Often the interest of the agent and that of the buyer and seller are at odds and the best way to avoid this leading to a conflict of interest is to choose your own conveyancer in all transactions.

Agents will often recommend that you use a conveyancers suggested by them. But your interests are best served by choosing your own conveyancer and, regardless of what you may be told, this choice is your right and yours alone.

Why appoint my own conveyancer?

Sam Ielasi from Independent Conveyancers, strongly advises that you find and choose your own conveyancer. “This is the option that works best in your favour. An independent guarantees that your interests – and only your interests – are looked after.”

Appointing your own conveyancer removes any potential for a conflict of interest. Sometimes a conveyancer may be chosen for you without your consent.  This is wrong and you should not go along with this as it is taking away your right to choose.

Often, a conveyancer acts for both the seller and the buyer and may also be appointed by the selling agent. The risk here is significant for a conflict of interest. In the event of a dispute whose interest becomes priority? It may be that the buyer and seller have different views or interests that oppose, and you want a conveyancer to be able to represent you appropriately in these circumstances.

“A conveyancer is paid by you to look after your interest in a transaction. You can only be assured of this by appointing one yourself. We are independent, so if you appoint us it means that we don’t have anyone else’s interest to look after but yours,” says Sam Ielasi.

Your advisor for contracts of sale

Contracts need to be looked over very carefully, as things aren’t always as they seem to be, and there may need to be changes to benefit you.

Sam Ielasi and his team at Independent Conveyancers have been ensuring that buyers and sellers are given a choice when they need someone to represent and advise them, and have operated this way since establishing in 1981. Sam Ielasi has been a conveyancer since 1973.

Independent Conveyancers specialise in making sure that your best interests are looked after through providing exceptional service, being reliable, thorough and giving you the best advice to save you time and money. Independent Conveyancers have experience in handling many complex and difficult transactions, both residential and commercial, and they also specialise in family transactions and Land Tax matters.

You can email Independent Conveyancers here to find out more, or call them on 8373 3773.