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Odile Faludi cold call training sale to end soon


Agents are warned today is one of the last days to book tickets for cold calling expert Odile Faludi’s Adelaide training session, as ticket sales “have been above and beyond expectation.”

Taking place over two days towards the end of this month, agents will have the opportunity to take their client conversations to the next level courtesy of Faludi’s expert training.

Odile Faludi has worked in the not-for-profit, real estate (recently Odile was the keynote speaker at McGrath Estates Quarterly Sales Conference, and assisted Ray White’s national business development team), and the management consultancy space for the last thirteen years. She has a proven track record of opening doors of C-suite level executives in the top 200 companies in Australia.

Faludi told SA Real Estate News that the benefits of cold call training are endless, transforming an agents business in a matter of weeks.

“I have worked with agents who couldn’t get one appraisal or listing, after a few months of working with me they now have a portfolio under their belt to brag about,” she said.

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“It can make or break your business picking up the phone!  It is the fastest way to connect with your potential customer and qualify them if they are a good fit for your business.”

Brooke Smith, land sales consultant at Century 21 Property People and one of SA Real Estate News’ recruits, took part in a cold call training session with Faludi in March.

She said Faludi’s training has made her more interested in cold calling, and that she has noticed her fortunes on the phone have improved since.

“Odile’s training definitely has made me more interested in cold-calling,” she said.

“She has explained that it is ‘starting conversations’ not cold calling, even though this is simply another way of describing it, the positivity of the title means that I am in a positive mindset when beginning my calls which impact the conversations I have.

“I have noticed that people will stay on the phone for longer and seem to be more open to having a conversation when utilising her training.”

Odile Faludi will be in Adelaide on the 23rd and 24th of May for her training workshops.

Tickets for the event are close to selling out and can be purchased here to secure a spot.