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Off-the-plan buyers in Sydney left with dodgy homes


It’s every off-the-plan buyer’s worst nightmare.

Buyers in Sydney have been warned to read contracts carefully after complaints about dodgy off-the-plan townhouses have been surfaced.

Alyssa Lee was one of several residents of the new Telopea complex to make a complaint about her home.

Lee told 9News that she was shocked when she arrived at her home and discovered that it didn’t match the floor plans she’d been shown.

Lee’s downstairs toilet is right in front of the shower and she says it would be unusable for a larger person. In the original floor plan, the toilet was facing a different way, she adds.

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In the kitchen, the sink was placed on the middle counter instead of under the window, essentially robbing Lee of her breakfast space.

The house also has flimsy window seals that have already fallen out, crooked shelves and power switches that aren’t connected.

“It’s just shocking,” said Lee’s boyfriend and co-owner of the property.

“I’m stuck with it unless I want to rip the kitchen out and put a whole new kitchen in,” said another Telopea complex resident.

Lee says she was told that the plans she saw were just for “marketing purposes.”

“It’s always important to read the Terms and Conditions,” said Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Marr Kean. “That’s why it’s always important to get independent legal advice.”

Lee says the developer is now working to fix the defects.

Source: Nine News