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Property Management Suppliers Trade Show Thursday


Property Management principals need no-longer wasting time being pitched too by dozens of Business Development Managers from suppliers in their office each week. A new trade show has sprung up exclusive for PM businesses looking for more efficient and effective systems.

Easy Bond Pay‘s Rachel Coulter is the brains behind this Thursday’s event, and says that the decision to put together a session like this was based on 27 years of experience as a business manager.

“There are so many good industry partners out there, and many add great value to the industry, but it’s impossible to make time to see them all in your office individually.”

Rachel says most business owners won’t call in industry suppliers to review their options until they’ve already made the decision, which can lead to poor decision making choices.

“Business owners and department heads are time poor, and having someone come into the office can add pressure to move forward since they’ve already spent the time meeting. So we decided to bring an event to Adelaide that would allow several of our favourite suppliers to pitch all at once, saving time and giving them a great overview of the options available. All without the sales pressure.”

There will also be a presentation from Brett Wheatland SAPMC founder and thought leader in the property management space, discussing SACAT updates and property management council.

The event is being held on Thursday 15th June at 10am – 11.30am at the REISA building (249 Greenhill Road)

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To RSVP, email Rachel Coulter at rachel.coulter@easybondpay.com.au by 5pm Tuesday 14th June.