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Property Spotlight – Chalet bungalow infused with history and fairytale charm


1 Glenrowan Avenue is a chalet bungalow, located in the idyllic suburb of Myrtle Bank. The mansion has housed the same family for half a century, their reticence to leave this home understandable at first sight.

The home combines real-life legends with fictional ones. Its grand brickwork and encroaching wilderness call to mind the idyllic look of a fairytale home. So too is an infusion of Australian flavour incorporated, the namesake of the street being the site of Ned Kelly’s final stand, a connection the home’s historical feel strengthens.

Many traditional homes seek to meld the old and the new, preserving the historic elements whilst integrating contemporary styling and convenience. Though this often seems the most effective approach, the right home can preserve its original aspect without compromise. 1 Glenrowan Avenue is rustic traditionalism all throughout, and subsequently retains a charm that modernised historical homes do not.

Character features are abound; the exterior boasts bespoke brickwork, a Norman arch leadlight window set into it. The entrance is comprised of a banded curved glass door, the entrance hall connecting to a grand staircase with a gleaming chrome handrail.

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The art deco interior contains five bedrooms, authentic kitchen with butler’s pantry, three spacious, versatile attic rooms, and living and dining areas. The master bedroom, living and dining areas all provide picturesque views of the surrounding greenery, the denizens of which are a feature in themselves.

A local population of tamed magpies again seem borne of some fairytale infused with Australian flavour – the social group of birds, accustomed to hand-feeding and human interaction, make for a charming, naturalistic novelty.

The property bends nature to its will in more practical ways also; irrigated lawns and veggie gardens allowing for idyllic space and resources. The natural surroundings are no less idyllic, interior windows and exterior porches allowing for ample opportunity to appreciate the lush Australian wilderness.

Homes of this character and location are likely to be held for another fifty years by their new owners, and so an opportunity like this is not to be missed. For a truly authentic home with infusions of the fantastical and historical, there are few safer bets than this.

1 Glenrowan Avenue is on sale for $1.6 million, and is being represented by Gabrielle Overton of LJ Hooker Real Estate.

Images and floor plan can be viewed here.