145 Muellers Road, otherwise known as Glen Haven, is the quintessential and supreme country home, containing the very best of the domestic, natural and pastoral domains. Constructed in 1933, this immense bungalow is surrounded by 88 acres of fertile, versatile land.

The classic farmhouse is constructed of freestone and red brick, its exterior a grand amalgam of red tile, cream pillars and lush green hedges. The interior fulfils the promise of rural charm and flair, with high ceilings, polished floorboards and ornate trimmings. Three bedrooms feature, including a master with en suite, built-in robes, and windows allowing for the admiration of the remainder of the property.

Wide verandas allow for this same admiration, and there is a surplus of spectacles to survey. The valley is lush, vast and sweeping – any given spot will provide a 360 view of blue skies meeting green fields bristling with tall, mature trees. Of these trees there is a variety, Ash, Oak, Pine and native trees spread across the property.

The nature is not just there to be surveyed, but can be exploited for pastoral functions that do not interfere with its allure. The most prominent use of the land is currently equestrian, 33 paddocks and 14 stables allowing for a countless horses to be kept for the enjoyment or enterprise of the owner.

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If a potential owner had no equestrian interests, this versatile land can be wrought to other ends. The existing facilities, as well as a 59 megalitre water license allow for cattle to be just as readily kept.

An abundant fruit orchard adds to the Glen Haven’s appeal and function, producing plums, apples and apricots.

While the interior provides domestic comforts by day and night, the greatest offerings of this property are found outside. By day, the verandas provide an excellent place from which to survey the sprawling countryside and grazing fauna.

By night, a feature circular fire pit is the perfect spot in which to experience the serenity of this rural location, the rustic comfort of being enveloped by the fire’s warmth, beating back the chill night air, and survey the clear, starry nightscape only a rural home such as 145 Muellers Road offers.

Glen Haven is being sold by Christine Morris of Harcourts Real Estate, who can be contacted for the sale price.

Images and floor plan can be viewed here.