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Property Spotlight – Picturesque Stonyfell home blends the old and new


This luxury Stonyfell home unfolds across two stories and 597 square metres, a copious amount of rooms, picturesque views, natural features and stylish touches filling all this space. A serene cul-de-sac is the setting for 9 Waratah Way, but this serenity and privacy is not to be confused with isolation, nor restriction.

The hillside location allows for stunning openness, and the home is just 7 kilometres from the CBD and minutes from the cafes, parks and hotels of Burnside Village.

Having said this, the home itself is of such luxury and character that it would remain desirable if located on a desolate moonscape. The home is comprised of a number of spectacular pieces of scenery, be they manmade or natural, the manmade invested with all the requisite functionality.

The most immediate view is the exterior frontage, which makes for a spectacular first impression of the home. Intricate brickwork, glimpses of timber-raked ceilings and the sheer scale of the multi-storey building combine to instil awe in the appraiser.

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Inside, the home’s 1970s architecture meets the contemporary needs of a modern buyer. As with many properties with historical elements, this home embraces its heritage whilst indulging in its modernity – 9 Waratah Way, however, does so with an extravagance that few homes can match.


The interior boasts five bedrooms, four of them featuring built-in robes, and the master a dressing room wardrobe. These sit alongside an ornate cellar, now functioning as a study. Elsewhere, a series of huge, open-plan living areas are adorned with traditionally high ceilings and exposed timber. The sauna and indoor pool with gas and solar heating are decidedly on the modern side, but traditional stairways connecting these areas invoke the heritage character.


All of this tasteful and functional melding of textures and styles create an home extravagant on its own merits. However, it does not exist in isolation, and its surroundings only enhance its grandeur. 9 Waratah Way is steeped in nature, surrounded by gum trees laden with koalas and kookaburras. The exterior makes use of this, a trio of balconies and spacious decks allowing for comfortable contemplation of the natural beauty, as well as exquisite views of the city.

9 Waratah Way is on sale for $1.35 to $1.4 million and is being represented by Daniel Otto of the Otto Property Group.

Images and floor plan can be viewed here.