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Property Spotlight – Victorian mansion is practical and spectacular in equal measure


Constructed circa 1880, 78 Barnard Street is an immense Victorian construction. It’s historical roots enhanced and bolstered, by contemporary renovation. Both exteriors and interiors are stunning and luxurious, interlocking with exceptional synergy.

Bringing the outside in

The frontage of the house makes for a jaw-dropping first impression – a cast iron fence, and two layers of regal stonework restored for longevity and impeccability. From the first glance, the luxury of the home is unmistakable; circling around the back, this impression is not diminished.

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A vast expanse of immaculate lawns stretches down to emerald hedges, and well-kept gardens sitting in tidy rows. The natural wonder of this backyard has been shaped into perfect geometry, the organic made idyllic and faultless.

These picturesque views are brought inside by floor-to-ceiling glass. A sleek and comfortable living area with gas fire, providing the perfect vantage point from which to survey the gardens. The other interior spaces combine style and function in the same way.

Diverse but cohesive styling

Throughout the two storeys of the home, natural and industrial elements interlock, as with the traditional and the contemporary.

New ‘Roast Peat’ blackbutt flooring shines with an oiled finish, beneath stark white ceilings and walls. The similarly gleaming white master suite and en suites, contrast with dark, ornate fireplaces.

The styling throughout is diverse but cohesive. The unmistakable modernity of the gleaming, black granite of the kitchen – to the decidedly ornate, corniced living room, to the dining room with its dark purple walls and juxtaposed muted carpet, glimmering chandelier and stark white edges.

This home is a breathtaking fusion of eras and styles, with its organic exteriors perfectly complementing the styled interiors, forming one incredible mansion.

78 Barnard Street is being represented by Andrew Fox of Fox Real Estate, who can be contacted for the selling price.

Images and floor plan can be viewed here.