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Ray White to Host a “First Ever in Real Estate Competitions”


Written by Brendan Simpkins


Ray White to Host a “First Ever in Real Estate Competitions”

Ray White South Australia is set to host its internal 2016 Auctioneer of the Year Competition, with a very exciting and unique twist that will set it apart from other competitions.

In a first for the auction competition circuit, the franchise is set to host “the most realistic auction setting ever held,” according to event organiser Ben Clarence.

“When we sat down to organise the event we had one goal in mind and that was to create the most realistic competition ever held,” Mr Clarence said.

“(The competition) will be the first ever to require auctioneers to attend the open inspection prior to the auction and brief both the vendor and the agent, before holding the on-site auction at the front of the property.”

Unlike other competitions, Mr Clarence says the auction scenario has been designed to allow contestants the best opportunity to shine and give their peak performance.

“Whereas some organisers like to use tricky bidding scripts and hard to answer questions to try and trip up the contestant, we have decided to allow our auctioneers the chance to show us their very best with a realistic bidding script that you would expect to see in the real world.

“This means no silly bids like ‘half my last,’ which you would rarely receive in a field auction.”

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Photos of Partridge House, Glenelg

The competition has been well received by the franchise group, with a mixed field of experienced and novice auctioneers taking up the challenge.

“We have a great blend of very experienced auctioneers and a number of first-timers taking part this year, which will bring some really exciting moments to the stage and make for some great spectating.”

The contestants for this year’s competition includes industry veterans Brett Pilgrim, Jason O’Halloran and Trent Godfrey, all regulars on the competition circuits.

Alex Ellis, George Kargiotis, Michael Cavuoto, Petra Mells and Rachel Lawrie have all been in the real estate industry for some time and have decided to give auction competitions a go for the first time.

This year’s competitors

The auction competition is set to be held at the iconic Glenelg “Partridge House” on Friday 9 September from 1PM.

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