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SA Real Estate News Launches “Just Ask” – Agent Advisory Panel


Just Ask is built for agents, business owners, property managers and all property professionals.

Your own expert advisory panel, available 24/7. For free.

In  the day-to-day running of your real estate business, situations arise where you may require an expert opinion or advice. This advice can often be expensive and only draw the same conclusion you had assumed before you even asked the question.

Enter Just Ask. The online space for quick, free, expert opinions and local advice.

Don’t rely on stranger’s opinions – Get the right answer.

No longer do you have to post your questions to Facebook groups with agents from different jurisdictions who abide by completely different legislation, giving uneducated and misleading advice on topics they don’t understand.

Our advisory panel are all local South Australians and experts within their fields, who are already trusted and referred to by hundreds of agents.

We follow up on every advice, ever.

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Every advice we give is followed up with a call and email to further clarify our response and provide more detail on the query. Our panel members understand the importance in accurate and timely advice. No question is left unanswered.

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“Just Ask” – Your Own Expert Advisory Panel

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Our panel of expert advisors includes professionals working in various fields and professions, available to provide opinions and advice for free within 48 business hours.

Our experts include;

Real Estate & Commercial Law

Business, Technology & Marketing

Specialist Services & Advice

All our experts are ready to answer your questions within 48 business hours.

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