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Tiny Houses: Could You Live in a House 15m2?


The tiny house trend is starting to find its feet in Australia. Defined as a home less than 40m2, these cute abodes are becoming a cheaper, environmentally sustainable choice for those wanting to move away from Australia’s McMansion obsession.

Adelaide resident, John Baxter, is in the process of building what could be Australia’s tiniest house. At 15m2, it will harbour all the comforts of home, incorporating both new and recycled materials.

John says planning is key. “There are often misconceptions around the possibility of building a tiny house. It does take a lot of time and effort to confirm council regulations and rules, but it can be done.”

Now at 75% completion, John is hoping to be settled in his tiny house by March 2018.

Building codes for tiny houses are consistent throughout Australia. Council regulations regarding what constitutes a dwelling, and who can live in it, differs between states and territories.

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Fred Schultz, from Fred’s Tiny Houses says, “the most often asked question is ‘where can I put my tiny house?’ and because the answers are a bit complicated, we take a detailed look at various local laws that can affect tiny housing.”

Fred’s own tiny house is currently listed on accommodation giant Airbnb. With travellers seeking budget-friendly or back-to-nature experiences, the community-based marketplace has helped provide the small, and often quirky dwellings a solid place in the industry.

Independent start-up, Unyoked, offer tiny house accommodation in the wilderness of New South Wales. Completely off-the-grid, you can unplug and get back to nature without leaving a huge carbon footprint.

Fred Schultz will be holding a workshop in Adelaide on October 28, regarding local laws and planning regulations for tiny houses. Click here for further information.

Source: Fredstinyhouses.com.au