Augment Space, a start up already making waves in the industry, has kicked off in Adelaide to bring virtual home tours to the mass market for just $30 per tour.

The tech being showcased to agents around Adelaide brings cutting edge digital tech to the mass market with sharp HD photos, and offers agents the ability to showcase and brand the tour with their own property videos built in to the tours.

Director Ben Clarence says the reaction to the product so far has been beyond their expectations.

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“We really started to hit the real estate market last week, approaching a collective of agents and the reaction has been; ‘wow, $30 is so cheap!’, which I think comes from most other providers of virtual tours charging $200 to $500.”

Taking Property Videos to the Next Level

Clarence says the Augment Space offering is a complementary product to agent’s property tour videos, with thanks to embedded videos within tours.

“Buyers aren’t watching property tour videos in full, a 15 minute epic might see a large dropout rate around the 3 minute mark, but with Augment Space virtual tours, you can embed portions of the tour video into the corresponding room.”

“For example, you can take the kitchen tour part of your video and embed it as an information link within the kitchen itself. Buyers can find out more information about the rooms they’re interested by walking into them, and the agent can brand themselves with a highly engaged audience.”

VR Headset Compatible & Simple to Use

A tour takes less than 30 minutes to create and the final product is compatible with VR headsets bringing the most cutting edge tech to the mass market, rather than just big budget vendors.

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