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The VR Technology Agents Can’t Afford Not to Offer Vendors


Once the subject only of science fiction, virtual reality has made its way into the real world, and the practical applications are extensive. One such application adds a new and effective dimension to real estate listings, and is a prime opportunity for home sellers.

The standard real estate listing will feature picturesque photos and professionally drafted descriptions by copywriters, tried and true methods that are the cornerstone of real estate and get results. But, as always, there is another way forward.

Virtual reality tours allow a prospective buyer to step inside the home themselves, without the hindrance of actual physical travel – especially convenient for an interstate or even overseas user. The user is placed inside the rooms, and can swivel with a drag of the cursor, and travel around the home with a single click.

An example provided on the True VR Photography website, a tour of the home Moana, exemplifies the advantage of this service.

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A virtual tour allows for a prospective buyer to find for themselves answers conventional advertising could not. Wondering what view an owner can enjoy from their bed? Within a single click that perspective can be enjoyed.

Wondering what trek will need to be made to navigate from the pool to the shower? Conduct your own easy tour of the space, moving back and forth between rooms, and assess easily the convenience of the setup.

Confused as to the relationship between the kitchen, living area and laundry, all in close formation on the ground floor? A single click allows the user todolly out, and assess the overall layout of the home, rotating and zooming in on the space to assess the layout.

This is the kind of convenience and utility a virtual tour provides, allowing a potential owner to answer their own questions, familiarise themselves with the home, and create the feeling that they have already purchased and moved in – all essential advantages for the seller and their listing.

Any quibbles about ease of use can be cast aside – the system is intuitive and easily navigable, compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers. For the true vicarious sci-fi experience, a virtual reality headset can be used by a prospective customer, to bring them to the very cusp of truly inhabiting the space.

True VR Photography provides this service, which has been shown to result in longer time spent on listings, increased listing enquiries, and faster qualification of potential buyers. Their site can be viewed here.