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Want More Agent Exposure from Listings? Use Virtual Tour Technology


A recent report by realestate.com.au found that agents using virtual tours to showcase their properties receive a whopping 52% more exposure to the buying public than those that chose not to.

According to Realestate.com.au’s figures, the engagement comes from buyers immersing themselves in the property tours for longer rather than skimming through photos. With a captive and engaged audience, agents are able to brand themselves and their agency more effectively through the use of cutting edge tech thanks to the amount of time home buyers spend using the tour technology as opposed to a “quick look”.

Tour tech company Augment Space also allows agents to embed videos of the agent within the tours, giving the agent opportunity to speak directly with the highly engaged and captive audience.

Property tour videos are not a new idea, however most users will determine if they will watch a video within 3 seconds of starting the stream, and the drop-off rate will rise significantly after the 90th second of viewing. This means that 5 minute property tour videos may not be as effective as once thought. But Augment Space Director Ben Clarence says that the 5 minutes of film is certainly still worthwhile.

A portion of the analytics provided by Augment Space – This view allows agents to determine the most popular features of the home, and the problem features…

“By embedding portions of your professionally shot tour video into the virtual tour, you are allowing an interested buyer to engage directly with your tour, and they are far more likely to watch the entire tour video in bite-sized portions rather than try and watch the whole video in one go.”

“With an audience that will tour the property at their own pace, they will only need to watch the sections of the video they’re interested in, which is data that we collect and feed back to the agent, allowing you to read the buyer’s minds and determine what’s hot, and what’s not within the property.”

Virtual Tours from Augment Space are available from just $50 per property.

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