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What Financial Advisors Are Telling Investors About the Market Right Now

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Sponsored content contribution by Mark Butters of Financial Advice Centre

It’s always handy to know what your opponent is thinking in Chess, and when there is an $8,000 commission cheque in the balance, knowledge is certainly power.

Financial Advisor Mark Butters has revealed to SA Real Estate News what professionals in his field are advising their clients about the Australian real estate market currently, and how agents can empower themselves with this information.

“Investors around Australia are being shaken with lots of bad press in regards to pricing bubbles, banks squeezing them out to make way for FHBs and a push from the opposition government to abolish negative gearing.

However, investors are generally savvy and take advice from paid professionals when it comes to making a buy, hold or sell decision.”

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Referring to the “Financial Snapshot” (https://eread.com.au/amp351029/39031) newsletter, published monthly by Financial Advice Centre, Mark highlights that the experts are helping calm investors and addressing their concerns.

The snapshot reads “The surge in prices and debt has led many to conclude a crash is imminent. But we have heard that lots of times over the last 10-15 years. Several considerations suggest a crash is unlikely.”, referring to the concerns over a Sydney house price bubble.

Dr Shane Oliver, chief economist at AMP Capital who authored the report, says “(Housing) in the last 15 years or so has taken on a darker side as a surge in house prices that started in the late 1990s has led to poor affordability and gone hand in hand with surging household debt. Reflecting this, predictions of an imminent property crash bringing down the Australian economy have been repeated ad nauseam since 2003.”

Dr Oliver says underpinning the security of the housing market is the reduction in low-doc loans and loans with LVRs of over 90% through the tightening of lending standards since the GFC.

The Financial Advice Centre are available to help agents run “Investors Nights” to help agents speak with local property investors.

Financial Planners & Financial Advisors can assist to fill the gap where agents might be restricted by the Form R7 (Warning Notice: Financial and Investment Advice).

To speak with the Financial Advice Centre about running an “Investors Night”, call 8332 4411.

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