Home Finance & Economy 2% Home Loans? Game Changing Offer for Australian Home Owners

2% Home Loans? Game Changing Offer for Australian Home Owners


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No, interest rates haven’t fallen through the floor. Australian home owners are now being offered an opportunity many are finding hard to pass over.

Crown Money Management are leading specialists in debt reduction and money management, which partner Craig Parry says is “one of the most competitive products on the market right now.”

The offer works by allowing investors with a home mortgage the ability to package their loans into a portfolio. Together this provides better efficiency, while obtaining the maximum discount on your home loan interest rate

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“The combination of the loans allows investors to put their own home on a mortgage product as low as 2% interest, whilst paying a commercial interest rate on more cost effective debt such as an investment property, which you can claim on your tax.”

“Home owners can then build equity faster and become debt-free much quicker than a regular mortgage or loan product.”

The offer is limited to investors with a mortgage on their home, but applicants can quickly assess their eligibility online using the eligibility check tool online here.