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Your 5-Minute News Headlines This Week


Your 5-Minute News Headlines This Week

Tenants to be “Licensed to Rent” Under New Laws

After the controversial changes to property manager licensing to allow better regulation, tenants are to face similar regulation requiring they undertake a course which includes “basic cleaning, using online rent payment tools & basic understanding of their responsibilities”.

The training is expected to cost around $1,500, similar to the fee required to become a property manager.

World First 24/7 Property Sales TV Channel

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SA Real Estate News is excited to announce we will be starting a world-first TV Channel dedicated to 24/7 property sales coverage.

The programming will feature all your weekly news coverage, interviews and analysis, while introducing a number of exciting, new TV format segments such as “Auction Racing” (where two auctions running at the same time are competing to bring the hammer down first), “Stories from the Trenches” (stories from sales professionals) and “The Sales Training Show” (6 hours of continuous sales-trainer presentations promoting their books, just like AREC!).

Adelaide’s First “Blockchain” Agency Opens

With so much focus on real estate being offered for bitcoin, the first agency to operate using blockchain is due to start in Adelaide.

“Purpleblocks” expects it will be able to securely and publicly conduct property sales using blockchain technology, and will be the first to utilise the tech in South Australia.

Managing Director Mr Che Sonnel said “We’re still not sure how we’ll use the technology to transact real estate, but we’re pretty excited to be the first!”

“Uber for Real Estate” Agents to be Chauffeured Between Opens by Startup

Startup peer-to-peer vehicle sharing company “DRVN” is to offer a specialised chauffeur service to real estate agents. The service is designed to assist agents with call-backs and administrative tasks between open inspections giving them back 2 hours on average of their day spent driving between up to 8 or 9 opens on the weekend.

DRVN’s website says “Given agent’s don’t want to risk fines or accidents by driving and using their mobile, tablet or laptop at the same time, DRVN is able to give you back all that time between opens!”


SA Real Estate News would also like to thank all our readers this 1st of April for your continued support and engagement.