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5 Reasons to Sell During Winter


You might think autumn and winter aren’t the best seasons to sell a property. It’s cold, wet and not the ideal time to be moving house.  Here are five reasons why you can still obtain a great result without the sunny help of spring and summer.

Less Competition

There are less homes on the market during the colder months, largely due to the weather. Selling appeals to buyers who are ready now or need to find a property urgently. Strong, and sometimes faster, results can still be obtained, simply because of less choice.

Motivated Buyers

Anyone attending open inspections on a cold, wet day is motivated. Prospective buyers might be moving for employment or family reasons and need to find something fast. Motivated buyers, along with less competition can mean a greater return for you.

Offers are Consistent with Asking Price

Less properties on the market could mean a motivated buyer is more competitive with their offer. If they love what they see, and know there is less to choose from, they are more likely to make an offer close to, or above the asking price.

Capitalise on Renovations

If you’ve recently spent time and money on upgrading heating systems throughout the home, autumn and winter are perfect times for the best return on investment. Heating will be at the forefront of buyer’s minds during open inspections on cold days. The luxury of heated flooring and bathroom fixtures could be the tipping point for potential buyers – features of the home that cannot show their full potential during summer.

The Cosy Appeal

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You can appeal to buyers by staging a cosy home environment. Light the fireplace, turn on the heating and accentuate comfort through lamps, candles and warm-coloured soft furnishings. Let in as much natural light as possible. Showcasing the home as a snug haven from the outside elements is a great selling point.