Home Building 5 Things to Consider Before Doing a Home Extension

5 Things to Consider Before Doing a Home Extension


Adding an extension is a big commitment. Doing your homework is essential in completing a project that is on budget, safe and successful. Consider these points:

Why are you doing it?

Knowing why you’re building an extension will help the entire process. Do you need more space for a growing family? Are you adding extra bedrooms or a larger living area? Do you want to incorporate a home office? Determine your needs before moving forward.

What’s your budget?

This is usually the first question contractors will ask. Knowing how much you can spend is essential to what you can build and the materials you can use.

Don’t forget to factor in planning permissions and architect fees. If the build requires a structural engineer, this will be an additional cost.

Will you need permission?

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Visit your local council office and collect permit application forms. Enquire about any building restrictions, energy-efficiency requirements and check land maps.

Find a good architect

Having your plans created by an architect will ensure your extension is successfully completed. Working with building plans is their job and they will know exactly what can be done to incorporate your new extension with the existing structure.

An architect will be able to advise on documentation to help with council approval, and ways to save money on the build. They can also present ideas you may not have considered.

Choose a builder

A home extension is not a DIY project. Finding a builder who specialises in these will ensure the process is easier, quicker and of the highest standard.

Look for builders who give a detailed breakdown of costs. Look for consistency when comparing quotes. Rule out the highest and lowest – they would have allowed for too much or not enough.

Talk to others who have completed a home extension. Word of mouth and experience is valuable.

Once all plans are completed, lodge your application through council. Make any necessary adjustments and resubmit. Wait for approval and get building!