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5 Tips for Individuals in The Vocal Space

Are you a trained, aspiring or amateur singer looking for ways to help better your craft? These 5 tips are bound to help you, if you put them into action! Read along and find out how.

Tip 1: Switch from cold water to warm water

You may have heard this old folk tale of drinking warm liquids to help your vocal cords and have not thought much about it, however it is true. As a singer you need to protect your voice at all costs, the best starter advise would be to simply reduce the amount of cold water you drink and switch to hot water. Hot water aids in reducing nasal congestion which you cannot have if you are in the vocal space.

Drinking warm water not only aids in helping your vocals stay intact but also improves your overall digestion, reduce your stress levels which will enable you to sing better at your sessions and lastly warm water consumption results in improving your overall blood circulation. So, get to it, your vocals and body will thank you!

Tip 2: Add in natural healing properties to your food and drink

It is important that throughout your vocal journey, you learn to cultivate habits that will help your body and vocal cords in the long run. This easy step will surely get you there – adding healing agents from spices such as ginger that contains gingerol which contains powerful medicinal properties into your tea, food and water will help you to stay away from getting colds and fevers, which could affect your singing.

The best part is drinking ginger in the form of liquids could also help you lose weight, it is a win, win.

Tip 3: Invest in a studio space

At some point, you will realize you need a small space to work on your music. You could invest in a studio space if your budget enables you too, if you do not have that option, you could still invest in a mic and set it up in your room.

You could change the aesthetic of your room to match your mood, purchasing some LED Lighting, and vinyl record frames  to add into your little studio space or room will elevate your mood and help you to focus on your work as the environment of the room will  match your vocal energy.

Tip 4: Vocal exercise

You could start following vocal exercises through teachers in the industry on YouTube, find someone that you look up to – a role model figure. If they do not have any lessons available, you could always find the suitable lessons via YouTube.

Tip 5: Rest

It is important in this journey that you do not over work your vocal muscles, just as any other muscle [art in your body requires rest so does your vocal cords.

Work hard but don’t over work yourself, this could strain your muscle groups and cause you to lose pitch and lose your voice.

We hope that you will be able to work on your dream, invest in yourself and well-being and most importantly understand the tips above so that you could pave your way into a better vocalist and shine.

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