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5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Area Toasty this Winter

Whether you’re entertaining or relaxing alone, choosing the right heating solution for your space and budget ensures you’re enjoying the Australian outdoor lifestyle all year round. Here are five ways to warm up your outdoor area this winter.

Freestanding Gas Heaters

Freestanding gas heaters are an affordable option that can be used under a patio or in the open air. Being portable, they can be positioned where required and stored away in warmer months.
Various sizes and designs allow you to choose a heater suited to your décor and requirements. For example, a smaller table-top heater may be all you need for a small space with its heating radius being up to five metres.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters work best in outdoor rooms where they can be mounted to the ceiling. The heat is instant, so no waiting to warm up. They provide targeted heat, meaning less wastage, and don’t dry out sinuses or skin like other humidity and oxygen zapping options.
A 2400W radiant heater will warm a 5-6 square metre space.


Chimineas are a freestanding, portable fireplace, usually made from clay or metal. They are an attractive design feature and more affordable than installing an outdoor fireplace. Coming in a variety of sizes, they are best used on even gravel or paved areas, if unscreened, and are a great way to keep a small gathering warm.

Fireplaces & Firepits

Outdoor fireplaces are a permanent option providing winter ambience and atmosphere, as well as warmth. They can be costly to install and require regular maintenance to ensure efficiency and safety.
Firepits are less expensive, come in a variety of designs and are portable. Best used out of the wind, guests can sit on all sides without an obstructed view.

Heated Floors

If you crave the outdoors all year round, and your budget allows, heated floors are a luxurious option. Systems can be installed to heat patios decks, or even to melt snow. The heat is distributed evenly, without the dangers of hot surfaces, flying embers or smoke commonly associated with alternative heating options.
HOT TIP: Adding cushions to chairs adds a feeling of warmth to any setting. Have blankets or throws on standby for those extra cold days and nights.