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5 Ways to Warm Up Your Bathroom This Winter


Encased in tile, metal and ceramics, the bathroom can become an ice box during winter. Try one of these tips to help warm things up!

Toasty Towels

During winter the desire to stay in a hot shower for eternity is real! Save time, water and money by installing a heated towel rack. Not only will your towels be a warm welcome, these stylish racks will add a touch of luxury and help heat the room. Available in traditional ladder, mobile, swivel, freestanding or as individual rails, there’s an option for any bathroom layout and design.

Foot-Friendly Flooring

If you’re planning to renovate, under-floor heating is a simple way to add luxury and value to your bathroom. The rising warmth will not only keep your toes toasty but lift the room temperature. Advances in technology mean perfect conditions and timers can be controlled by an app or digital interface.

Add Some Colour

Add warmth through deeper, earthy tones like oranges, reds, browns and purples. Change the colour of your towels, paint one of the walls, add decorative bottles, candles or wooden accessories. If you have the space, a small floor rug will keep your feet from freezing in addition to adding colour.

Light it Up

Infra-red or heat/extraction lamps are a ray of sunshine on a cold, dull day. Installed in smaller bathrooms with standard-height ceilings, they do a great job of heating the space. If you don’t find the aesthetics appealing and are happy to sacrifice the added warmth, there’s no reason why the bathroom can’t be styled-up with an interesting light fixture. Think bold, not bathroom!

Change the Shower head

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A shower head with poor coverage could be adding to your chilly morning routine. Updating it will improve the quality of your shower experience, plus it’s also a good opportunity to install a more water-efficient fixture. Save time, water, money and be warm!