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6 Safety Precautions When Using Chainsaws
No surprise, there are several safety precautions and things to consider before you start using a chainsaw. We touched on some major ones below. Read ahead.

Ear Protection

When using a saw, it’s very important that you have ear protection. The loud sound of the blades cutting materials can damage your ear-drums. If the material is very hard, the sound would be louder.

Wearing ear protection is not only important because of this, but because chips of whatever you’re cutting could fly into your ear.

What kind of protection could you use? Ear plugs are ideal. However, muffs made specifically to buffer the sounds are good as well.

Eye Protection

Don’t use a saw without protection for your eyes. It’d be clear goggles that you’d wear. They come in all shapes and sizes. Find one that’s not too big, as it could fall from your head, leaving your eyes exposed.

Unlike your ears, the chances of something flying into your eyes are higher – they’re right in-front of whatever you’re cutting.


No, we’re not talking about regular pants. Chainsaw chaps would be needed as they’d prevent the blade from slicing through your legs. Think about how easy it is the for the machine to break through wood. Now imagine what it could do if you were to accidentally swing it towards your legs – ouch!

The chaps would be long and made from layers of Kevlar, wrapped in a nylon outer shell. If you’re not aware, Kevlar is the same material used in bullet-proof vests.

If the chainsaw somehow hits the pants, the nylon outer shell will make it hard for the blades to move in. If it still manages to do this, the Kevlar layers would prevent the blades from spinning.


You’re holding a machine that can cut through the toughest materials. The best way to stay safe is by carefully holding it and it needs to be at a distance. But most importantly, your grip needs to be firm.

Your stance should be solid as well. There are motor inside of it powerful, so if you don’t stand firmly, you could lose control. You can ensure a firm stance by getting heavy, quality boots.

Luckily for you, most people that sell the chaps also sell the boots.

Check Your Environment

You don’t need us to tell you how dangerous felling a tree can be. Before you get to work, take a look at the environment. Which direction will the tree fall? Once it’s going down, how easy would it be for you to move away?

Take a look at alternative directions it could fall in as well. Would someone or something get hit?

Starting the Machine

You can’t start the saw when it’s mid-air, between your hands. It needs to be started on the ground. This prevents you from losing control of it.

Place it on the ground between your legs, with its brake engaged.

Final Thoughts

Handling a chainsaw is no joke. The device consists of many blades spinning, so you want to take as many precautions as possible. Thankfully for you, we talked about all the major things to consider making sure you don’t lose a hand or leg!

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