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6 Things to Consider When Buying a 4X4

If you love adventure, you might be thinking of purchasing a four-wheel drive. To help you pick the best option out, we’ve run through several points. Read ahead to learn more.


Some four-wheel drives can be especially large. You’ll have to note the size of the 4x4 you’re going to buy. As you can imagine, very large options would be harder to handle – they’re beasts of vehicles. But as they’re beasts, they’d be able to handle the toughest terrains.


Speaking of a 4x4 being hard or easy to drive, this is also influenced by its mass. If you purchase a smaller option that is very heavy, it’d be the same as manoeuvring a larger car. This isn’t what you’d want as a newbie, especially if you’re going to be driving through terrains that require a lot of swift movements.


The length of its wheelbase is very important. Shorter ones are the most worth your time – they would give the car better stability and help you move through sharper angles. What exactly are wheelbases, though? They are the horizontal distance between the front and back wheels of your unit.

New or Used?

Some four-wheel drives that are used wouldn’t be able to handle much of beatings. They may not be in the best condition due to their age.

Second-hand four-wheel drives might be your only choice if you don’t have a large budget. The more beat-up they are, the more affordable they would be. You can try and purchase one that is not in the best condition and do it up to look and feel new.


As the vehicles will be exposed to the elements, they might need their parts changed regularly. If you look for Toyota Hilux parts, you’d be able to find them easily. But this might not be the case with other four-wheel drives. You could end up spending a lot, getting the parts imported from abroad.

You’re also advised to have spare parts on deck. The vehicle might fail when you’re in the middle of off-roading. If you don’t have spares, you’d be in trouble.

Luggage Load

Some tracks can take days to complete. You’d be on the road for a while, which is why you’d want a 4X4 that can handle the weight of all the things you’ll be bringing. Depending on the model, its weight load would differ. It should have enough space to store what you’d need too.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to purchasing a 4x4, there are enough and more things to keep in mind. One of the most important points is whether the car would be too big for you to handle. How easy it’d be to drive is influenced by its wheelbase; the shorter the better.

As you might be on the road for a while, the 4wd should have enough space to carry all the things you’d need. It should be able to handle their weight as well.

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