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6 Tips to Maintaining a Clean Office

An office that is full of clutter and is not clean is an eye-sore. With a lot of dust looming, workers would get sick too. All the ways to tackle this issue are discussed below. Keep reading.

Organize Desks

Take a look at the desks in the office. There may be a lot of knick-knacks on them. Unfortunately, they have been collecting dust. Although a few would look good, your employees’ stations are littered with them. This makes the office look less professional.

Desks that are cluttered aren’t the easiest to clean. By being proactive and limiting the knick-knacks, you wouldn’t have to worry about clutter going everywhere.

Speaking of clutter, employees clearing their desks whenever they are done with the day would be good. It would prevent documents and papers from building up.

Have Many Dust-Bins

Sadly, there isn’t a lot of dust-bins in the vicinity. You’d want your workers to dispose of anything unwanted, but the lack of bins is making this hard. The bigger the bins present the better. There’s no excuse to not include them – you can purchase them for cheap.


Promote a clean environment by installing hand sanitizer stations. Hand sanitizer does a better job at cleaning than soap and water. Their availability would also make it easier for workers to stay clean – they might be too busy to always wash their hands.

To make things cleaner, the sanitizers could be on automatic dispensers. This would eliminate cross-contamination.

Speaking of sanitizers, have janitors spray sterilizing cleaners on desks and furniture and wipe them down.


There are thousands of companies offering commercial cleaning services. They are pros– they would make your work-space look and feel better. Hiring them every now and then is needed. By working with larger names like the Cloverdale Group, you can ensure the best possible job done.

Air Purifiers

With the above points implemented, your work-place would look more pristine. However, the air in the vicinity could be still full of dust. It would be making employees sick. You can tackle this by purchasing air purifiers. Some of them may even trap bacteria and pollen that may be floating around.

Natural air purifiers are plants. They take up carbon dioxide and put out oxygen instead. Plants make offices look livelier as well.


The environment may be laxed, which is why employees eat while they work or walk around the office and snack. This is the worst thing possible – they could drop crumbs that could attract insects. Moreover, odours from what they’re eating would move across the vicinity.

Final Thoughts

In short, an office that is full of clutter and not clean would limit workers’ productivity. Moreover, the state of the space would make it more likely that they would get sick. You can make sure everything is in pristine condition by hiring commercial cleaners every now and then. They are pros at their jobs and would make sure every inch of your work-place is in superb condition. Looking around would easily let you find them.

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