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Auction results: March 25/26


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Written by Brendan Simpkins

17 out of 23 auctions held by members of the Society of Auctioneers and Appraisers over the weekend sold at auction for a 73% clearance rate.

It was a quiet last week of what was a typical mad March in the City as 6 properties were held over and a further 4 properties sold prior to going to auction.

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Adelaide also failed to have a property sell for a million dollar price tag at auction for the first time since mid February.

The largest sale for the weekend belonged to Jarrod Tagni and Vicki Memmler of Elders Brighton, who’s 5 bedroom home in Hove to the north of Brighton fetched $820,000 at the fall of the gavel.

That was the closest any Adelaide property got to selling for a seven figure sum.

Mark Fricker and Graeme Brown of LJ Hooker Walkerville | Modbury were not too far behind in the hunt for the largest price tag of the weekend with a 3 bedroom home selling for $775,000.

Both Tagni and Fricker had only one property sell at auction over the weekend, with Fricker’s only other property being held over and finalized on Monday in a private sale.

Jonathon Moore enjoyed a good end to the month with 5 sales for a 100% clearance rate – the most for the weekend.

Moore’s weekend was highlighted by $750,000 sale for a 2 bedroom home in Fulham, the third largest sale out of members of the Society.

Independent auctioneer AJ Colman had the second most sales to close out March with 4 sales – three of which came on Saturday – for a 100% clearance rate.

Colman’s largest sale was $682,000 for a 3 bedroom home in Thebarton.

April is set to kick off with a bang as 34 auctions are scheduled to take place by members of the Society.

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Jarrod Tagni & Vicki Memmler: 17 Holder Road Hove