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7 Snapchat tips for agents


Written by Stefan Kostarelis

Last week, we looked at four reasons that agents should be using Snapchat.

In this article, we’ll look at seven ways to increase your following and some examples of the kind of content that works on the platform.

As a social network that is primarily used by millennials, older users may feel intimidated by Snapchat. It doesn’t help that app’s User Interface (UI) is a little baffling at first glance.

For a basic guide on how to use Snapchat, you can check out the app’s support page or this video explanation. Once you have an understanding of the fundamentals, you can try some of these tips.

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#1 Ask people to follow you

This one is as simple as it is important. As a Snapchat user, you will be assigned a “Snap Code” which allows other users to add you.

Put your Snap Code and username on your website and across all your social media and ask people to follow you.

Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, which have “discovery” features, you can’t “find” people on Snapchat without their username or Snap Code. Although there are some third party apps that try to get around this, for the most part, you will need to either directly add or be added by people.

#2 Run some contests

This is a good way to encourage a following. To start, you can announce on your other social media that you are running a Snapchat contest. This could either be done as a text post or even better, with a short video.

Next, ask followers of your social media accounts to add you on Snapchat and send you a message. Explain that once you receive a message, that person goes into the draw to win a prize.

The prize doesn’t have to be huge, adding someone on Snapchat and sending a message takes all of ten seconds, so something like a Gift Card will do the trick. It’s not difficult, time consuming or expensive. If you are looking to increase your reach and spend a little more, you can explore boosting the post on Facebook.

#3 Be authentic

As we have discussed in previous posts about social selling, you should avoid being too “salesy” on social media.

Rather than relentlessly pushing your product or service, social selling is about building an online persona that offers value and establishes you as a “trusted advisor” and authentic agent.

Since Snapchat is ephemeral by nature, the content you post is also expected to be less polished or formal than it is on other platforms. You see a dog doing something funny? Take a Snap. Your kids do something goofy? Again, take a snap.

However, that it is not to say there is no real estate content on your Snapchat, but you should definitely aim to mix it up a bit.

#4 Show “sneak peaks” of properties

Imagine that you are at a new listing and it has a great feature, such as a beautiful view or an awesome pool.

By using Snapchat, you can offer your followers a “sneak peak” of the feature, without the need of a professional photographer or any equipment. Video especially is a potent force for agents.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a ten-second video should be more than enough to get potential clients excited about a property.

#5 Neighbourhood reviews

Using Snapchat, you can easily produce content based on the neighbourhoods where you have listings.

You can do quick reviews of nearby restaurants, schools, shops, or just point out something interesting or funny that catches your eye.

Think about it like this: What kind of things would you share with a friend looking to move to this area? This is precisely the correct mindset for Snapchat content.

#6 Share your knowledge

At the core of social selling is this concept of becoming a “trusted advisor”, but what does that mean exactly?

For the most part, it means answering questions related to real estate that you might see pop up on social media.

However, you can also be proactive and use Snapchat to offer “no strings attached” advice to people in the property market.

It could be about borrowing, loans or up-and-coming suburbs, it all depends on your area of expertise.

#7 Be creative

Earlier this year, CNBC reported on New York-based Snaplistings, which is an account shared by four real estate agents who show followers inside apartments for sale or rent across the city. Snaplistings uses the platform creatively, giving those looking to rent the opportunity to “challenge” the agents to find apartments to suit their budget, location and size needs.

“Most of the leads are coming from lower-priced rentals and apartment listings due to the younger Snapchat audience. With that said, we also are featuring listings upwards of $6 million+ which are proving great entertainment value for our real estate interested followers,” the founders told CNBC.com via email.

Michael Hoffman, a co-founder of Snaplistings, added that Snapchat allows agents to show their personalities to younger people who might be turned off by the typical serious and suited up agent. In one Snap, 26-year-old Corcoran Group broker Adam Eli is shown jumping off a kitchen unit to demonstrate the high ceiling of an apartment as R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” plays in the background.

Of course, you don’t have to go that far, but it is a good example of how a little creativity goes a long way in social media. Your focus should be on posting a balanced mix of educational, funny, and work-related content.

It sounds cliché, but above all, you have to be yourself. When social selling, authenticity is crucial.