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“A Marketing Disaster”: Agent’s Testimonial Pinned To Worst Possible Article

Principal & Top Performing Agent Steven Thomas, Source: Rate My Agent

Canberra agent Steve Thomas has a 4.9 star rating on Rate My Agent, with 67 reviews and holds the #1 average sale price & total sale price in Mawson ACT, however when a client’s testimonial featured in an ad placed using Google’s Ad Network that targeted similar keywords, the resulting placement saw a nightmare outcome for the top performing agent.

Steve spotted his ad in the middle of an article covering the shocking story of the recent Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, and while it wasn’t the fact that an ad had been placed in the story that was the main concern, it was what his ad said.

“Straight shooter agent” was a very poor choice of words for an ad in an article about senseless gun violence, however this extremely unfortunate ad placement was not the result of an agent trying to be too clever, but the fault within the Google Ad Network’s keyword matching system, which would have matched the phrases in the ad to the words in the article.

In a comment to Real Estate News Group, Steven said:

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“It was a great sale, it was innocent Aussie vernacular in my customers review, it was computer placed marketing, it was a perfect storm creating a marketing disaster.”

“Maybe Elon Musk’s lack of trust of leaving things to machines in the future has some merit after all”