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The Adelaide agents killing it on Social Media – Angelo Nickolas


The modern age of technology poses unique challenges for real estate agents, as well as providing new opportunities.

For a prospective real estate agent, the challenge of attracting, engaging and doing business with clients via social media could seem an intimidating and time-consuming endeavour.

Fortunately, we have spoken to a number of South Australian real estate’s most prolific users of social media, who can shed light on the strategies essential to success in this area, and the effectiveness of them.

How important do you deem social media to success in the real estate industry in this day and age?

It is another important layer to be active across, as it will assist with increasing your overall presence amongst the market place.

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What strategies do you employ to market yourself on social media?

We just ensure we are being consistent with our various posts and brand message that we want to portray.

What social media platforms do you use and why?

Both Facebook and Instagram, as each are utilised to convey different messages. Facebook is great across listings, sales, testimonials, and competitions.

Instagram is used to portray more of a direct message across. Such as a specific feature of the home, just sold at auction image, or a video to showcase properties that are upcoming.

Being consistent and relevant with this material is also important, as we are constantly positioning ourselves in front of the consumer.

Which demographics are you trying to target when promoting on social media?

It is dependent on what we are trying to achieve out of the specific post, so we will therefore target market our posts to reach the desired demographic. For example, a new listing in my core area will be targeted to that specific marketplace.

How does the effectiveness of social media marketing compare to other methods of reaching clients, such as physical advertisement and face-to-face encounters?

Face to face and calling will always be by far the most powerful. However, social media complements these and the other various methods in a cost effective and timely way.