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The Adelaide agents killing it on Social Media – Scott Newton


The modern age of technology poses unique challenges for real estate agents, as well as providing new opportunities.

For a prospective real estate agent, the challenge of attracting, engaging and doing business with clients via social media could seem an intimidating and time-consuming endeavour.

Fortunately, we have spoken to a number of South Australian real estate’s most prolific users of social media, who can shed light on the strategies essential to success in this area, and the effectiveness of them.

How important do you deem social media to success in the real estate industry in this day and age?

Social media is advantageous and a bonus to our current Real Estate platform.

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I believe a successful businessman or business is due to great servicing of clients – backing up what you say you’re going to do, showing respect to your clients and not letting them down.

If you live by this, the satisfied clients will refer business and social media is one outlet or tool to share the results you have proven to achieve.

What strategies do you employ to market yourself on social media?

My strategy is: consistency and not going in too big too soon.
Consistency is very important, you can be forgotten in a flash. So having a realistic marketing budget for the month & year will allow me to be consistent in connecting with the group of buyers or vendors following me; rather than unload this huge expense, to then suffer the consequence of not being able to spend any money on marketing the following 2 months.

What social media platforms do you use and why?

I only use Facebook for marketing.
The reason is simple: I’m a busy man and I want my efforts & time spent on what will give me the maximum return.

Which demographics are you trying to target when promoting on social media?

I don’t restrict or specify who I am marketing my services & business to. The reason for this is I have the ability to sell in any market to any demographic. I’m an all-rounder, I can adjust to different environments and situations.

How does the effectiveness of social media marketing compare to other methods of reaching clients, such as physical advertisement and face-to-face encounters?

Social media allows us to remind our clients or prospective clients that we are here, we are the ones to answer their questions when necessary or sell their asset when the time arrives.

Social media allows me as an agent to present my current homes and outstanding results to a broad audience, to then reinforce this with our database emailing, letters and phone calls to then provide the best service in the business to achieve the end result.