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This Adelaide Plumber is Documenting His Most Disgusting Jobs For Your (dis)Pleasure…


Hamish Fuss of Fussy1Plumbing is providing his followers across his website and social media with some of the grossest property maintenance stories you can find on the internet.

The property maintenance specialist based in Adelaide said to SA Real Estate News in an interview that while the posts may be entertaining, there’s also a serious side to them:

“The stories are meant to serve as a reminder that homeowners need to make sure they regularly check pipes and drains are free-flowing, as blockages can lead to serious problems and even damage later on.” 

WARNING: Images below are gross… Really, don’t look on if you’re eating.

Blocked Sewerage Pipes Ruin Investment Property

Our favorite story comes from a home where a toilet was blocked due to tree roots breaching the pipework in the rear yard. When the toilet refused to drain, the tenant in the property tried fixing it themselves, making matters horribly worse.

The client had tried to fix the problem themselves, but only made things worse, and a bigger mess!
The mess created by the blocked drains stained carperts, left a smell and was ultimately unpleasant.
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“With sewerage spilling throughout the home, the tenant finally let their property manager know about the issue and they called us onsite. When we arrived, we had to use specialised equipment to clear tree roots out of pipework. There was no way the tenant would be able to fix this themselves.”

The culprit! Blocked drains caused by tree roots – plungers were never going to fix this mess…!

A “Hair-Raising” Tale of Blocked Bathroom Drains

Below are pictures from a job where Fuss says the property occupier had a funny smell coming from his ensuite bathroom, and water stains had appeared in the carpet leading him to suspect leaking pipework. He wasn’t wrong, and his suspicion of a leaky pipe was not only correct, but way worse than he could have imagined.

Super gross and super relatable – pushing loose hair down drains in showers, sinks and anywhere that has an opening to hide the mess.

The wet patch and odour was what concerned the client to initially call the plumber out, but what caused the leak was maybe worse
Water leaking from the sewer pipes from the toilet had indeed been leaking, and led to serious wood-rot concerns
Hamish identified the problem started in the bathroom…
This was gross, but Hamish had no idea what was still to come
The hair blockage caused a buildup of solid material way more gross than just a clump of hair…

Speaking of putting things down drains that don’t belong…

Old Homes + Old Pipes = New Owner Problems

Fuss said to SA Real Estate News that a really common problem with Adelaide’s older homes is decades of rubbish being thrown out by putting things down drains that really don’t belong there.

“Everyone’s guilty of putting some food scraps, fats, oils or maybe some solid waste down a drain because they couldn’t be bothered putting it in the bin.

But when buying an older home, be aware that this activity is likely to have been happening for decades, and that can become a really big problem and very hard to fix with older homes, because it may require a complete replacement of all pipe-work if they’re blocked.”

The buildup was too dense and solid to be cleared by hand or machine, and a complete replacement of all drains and pipes was required.

Nothing could be done to save the old pipes, and new ones had to be installed

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