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Agent scores million dollar sale from 25 km away, here’s how he did it


Last Saturday, 12 Kitchener Street, Netherby, sold for an extraordinary $1,050,000. Even for a stellar home in as popular a suburb as Netherby, this is an achievement. ‘realestate.com’ lists the sale as 2017’s highest paid price for a possible development site in Netherby.

This in itself is impressive, but what makes this sale truly exceptional is the seller – Ray White Morphett Vale, based nearly 25 km from the property, facilitated the sale, and listing agent for the home Jason O’Halloran spoke to us about how he managed it.

It is a half an hour drive from Jason’s office to Netherby, with a plethora of more local agents sitting between him and the home. Jason says that there was one fundamental area which local agents neglected, and he did not – auction.

“I was stunned that none of the other 4 agents that were called in offered the auction process!” explains Jason. The vendor felt some of the agents might have been desperate to get the business – “trying to dangle pre-sale, off market offers in their faces. It was disappointing to learn that none of them had the ability to run an auction campaign, and leverage off the emotion to engage buyers.”

This is where Jason delivered. He ran a traditional, effective listing and auction campaign, “in the same way we would a $200,000 investment property here in Morphett Vale – using a tried and true process to ensure all online buyers, local residents and interested parties were aware the home was available.”

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“(We) learnt the trends of the suburb and only delivered facts to the owner … I brought in my Principal Scott Nowak to assist in closing the deal, and the vendor commended us on our listing pitch. We stuck to our guns, and signed the vendors at full commission.”

The fruits of this labour are clear to see, Jason’s efforts generated 80 online enquiries, the majority seeking price indication, and 3 pre-auction offers. “Come auction day,” he says, “we had buyers fly in from Sydney, and a lot of residents as well, all wanting to see what the property would go for.”

Of course, we know what the eventual price was, Jason’s traditional auction approach resulting in an exceptional $1,050,000 yield.

Moving forward, Jason is eager to make the most of his success, applying tried and true methods of sale to great results. His final comments were very optimistic.

“We now have some very good relationships started with (Netherby) residents, many of whom had never seen an auction day, and are now suitably impressed. It’s a little early to say, but you never know, Ray White Netherby has a good ring to it!”