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Artist: Tania Blanchard, As Featured on The Block


If you tuned in to this year’s series of The Block, you may have noticed the stunning artwork showcased on auction day. The wonderfully coloured, highly textured original, is the work of Gold Coast artist Tania Blanchard.

Originally from Adelaide, Tania approached The Block Shop with a selection of her work. To her delight and surprise, the grand 2m x 1.4m piece, ‘Confetti Rain’ was chosen by Ronnie and Georgia as a focal point in their winning office space.

“I was nervous about the reaction but there’s been an overwhelmingly positive response. The support I have received from friends, family and complete strangers has been amazing.”

Tania’s inspiration evolves from colour, nature, and the beauty in its flaws. “Nature is unpredictable. It’s not perfect. There are colours that clash and elements that are erratic. That’s what I want to capture in my work.”  She likens her art to Wabi-Sabi – the traditional Japanese viewpoint of the acceptance of transience and imperfection.

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Tania feels a piece of art can add, not only colour, but soul to a home. “Art tells a story. It adds personality and it’s wonderful that something I put my heart into can be loved enough by someone else, that they want it in their home.”

“I regularly receive feedback from clients telling me how dynamic their piece is, how the colours and shadows change throughout the day.” In many cases, Tania’s art features as a vibrant injection of colour against a home’s neutral palette.

Property styling experts, Dressed for Sale, use Tania’s pieces regularly to help present homes at their very best.

Original pieces and commissions are available through Tania Blanchard Creative. Prints of ‘Confetti Rain’ are available at The Block Shop.  In Adelaide, Tania’s work can be found at Outdoors On Parade, and Kira & Kira on the Gold Coast.