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Auction Competition Season Begins



Competition season has begun in South Australia for professional auctioneers with the Harcourts State Auction Championships held last Thursday 14th April 2016. Lindasy Warner from Harcourts Williams delivered his finals performance to the highest standard and produced a stunning victory. Jordan Varley came in runner up with a refined & polished performance. Harcourts best auctioneers will be in fine form and full flight out on the auction circuit.

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I was fortunate to be a part of this professionally run competition on the judging panel with Greg Troughton (CEO Real Estate Institute SA), Rebecca Warner (Domain Fairfax Media) & other high profile industry professionals. Event organisers Mitch Peereboom & Jason Scott were flown in from Harcourts Quennsland as highly experienced auction competition specialists. From the judging panel the entire day ran effusively without complication. The judging structure, bidding sequence & scoring procedures were all spot on

14 Professional & Novice Harcourts auctioneers were in the meeting room 9:00 am. Nervous, excited & prepared (Well some of them were). It’s a friendly rivalry as the 2015 winner Ben Clarence wasn’t competing so there was more motivation to take that Harcourt Auctioneering Crown.

The Contestants Gathered

Simon Jones (Harcourts Sheppard) was first up and ran a strong auction, good body language, encouragement of bidders & tight but flowing script. The scores were high from the onset. We heard “dad jokes” a cheaper version of a “Farquar” kitchen and one auctioneer used the word “certainly” 18 times in 14 minutes. The nerves were certainly J showing. One contestant who burst out the box and left his nerves in the holding room was Brock di Gusto (Harcourts Kiritsis) showing a novice auctioneer who is destined to be amongst the top echelon exceeding the skill level of some senior auctioneers.

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It’s hard as a judge to stay focused especially after lunch however Taylor Bishop (Harcourts Adelaide Hills) had the entire audience captivated for the entire 15 minutes with a bar raising performance that really set the pace for the afternoon line up. Jordan Varley (Harcourts Gawler) delivered a personal best performance earning him runner up position in a very tough competition field. In his early 20s this is a testament to Jordan for the commitment, practice and personal belief he has to push the boundaries, seek guidance all over Australia and will in the future represent South Australia in the Australasian titles. The big guns Hamish Mill, Lindsay Warner (Harcourts Williams) & Mark Sheppard (Harcourts Sheppard) were the final 3 and you can see they are the veterans of the industry with poise, passion and an innate understanding of the auction competition environment all delivered exemplary performances.

The finalists were announced Lindsay Warner & Jordan Varley, new generation vs gen “let’s get it done” and Lindsay got it done, excelling even further to win the audience, the bidders and the judges to join the Harcourts Auction royalty as the 2016 champion.

Written by AJ Colman