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Auction results: May week 2


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Adelaide had a million dollar sale last weekend for the first time since April 29th as the City enjoyed a healthy week of auctions.

35 auctions took place last week by members of the Society of Auctioneers and Appraisers with the bulk of auctions occurring on Saturday the 13th.

26 properties were sold for a 74% clearance rate and for an average sale price of $643,333, which was up considerably compared to last week’s average of $590,605.

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That steep increase was largely thanks to the million dollar sale of a 3 bedroom home in Norwood by Peter Fried and Becky Neale of Toop&Toop Real Estate.

Expected to sell for around $950,000, the final selling price smashed the estimation as Fried brought the gavel down at $1.1 million, the largest sum of the week.

Fried also auctioned two other properties on Saturday, however both properties were held over and finalized in a private sale on the day.

The second largest sale for the week was nowhere near close to reaching the $1.1 million set by Fried at Norwood, as AJ Colman had a 3 bedroom in Hackney sell for $868,000 on Saturday.

Colman also had a 2 bedroom home in Adelaide’s CBD sell for $825,000 earlier in the week on Wednesday, which proved to be the third largest sum of the week.

3 other properties were auctioned off by Colman, all on Saturday, as he finished the week with a 100% clearance rate.

Brett Roenfeldt also finished the week with a 100% clearance rate as a staggering 9 properties he auctioned off all sold on the day.

Roenfeldt had the largest sale on Sunday as he auctioned off a 3 bedroom home in Prospect for $640,000.

On Friday, Roenfeldt sold a 2 bedroom home in Nailsworth for $823,000.

Jonathon Moore also enjoyed a fruitful weekend with three properties selling on Saturday, while Mark Fricker had two sales.

Nathan Casserly, Jarrod Tagni, Hamish Mill and Anthony DeMarco had a sale each on Saturday.

33 auctions have been scheduled to take place this week, with 3 set to take place on Wednesday and the bulk to occur over the weekend.

*All results provided by the Society of Auctioneers and Appraisers*
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Peter Fried & Becky Neale: 102A Beulah Road, Norwood