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Auction results – November/December


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As we near the end of the year, a year of exceptional real estate figures and largely positive trends, this week is no different. It sticks to the trend established by recent weeks, varying only with a handful of impressive outliers.

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The 148 scheduled auctions and 102 available results are in keeping with recent weeks. Of the 102 results available, 50 sold at auction and 16 sold prior, resulting in a clearance rate of 65%, the same figure as the previous three weeks.

The clearance rate appears to be holding at this favourable, but unexceptional level, and marks one of the few areas in which the SA Real Estate market could stand to improve.

The average selling price achieved this week is $690,824, the highest since early November, a figure more positively skewed than the clearance rate, but one boosted by a particular outlier.

Half a dozen properties exceeded $1 million selling prices this week, the highest of these by a very wide margin. With this abundance of riches, it is impractical to consider all six, so the highest three of the week can be isolated for appraisal.

27 Dunbar Terrace, Glenelg East, is the third-highest earner for the week. Sharon Gillard of Harcourts Packham Property, delivering the home to its $1,306,000 price-tag.

The location and character of 27 Dunbar Terrace, suffice to endear the home to its potential owners. The stylish blending of old and new features, from jarrah floorboards to tall and ornate ceilings, from character fireplaces to a spacious pool. All of this consolidates the considerable value of the home.

The second most lucrative sale of week was 44 Kingston Terrace, North Adelaide, its $1,391,000 sale facilitated by Andrew Fox of Fox Real Estate.

An 1890s sandstone villa, this home sports the idyllic views of the nearby Horse Park, as well as its many ornate character features and tastefully neutral modernisations.

21 The Common, Beaumont, is the staggering apex of this week. This home is 750 square metres of multi-winged French-inspired luxury, set in the thriving haven of wildlife that is The Common.

Copious amounts of paved courtyards from which to survey the gardens and natural landscapes, predictably luxurious interiors, and a spacious heated pool, combine to create the home of many people’s dreams.

Despite being initially passed in, Kay Morris and Debi Zecevich of Toop & Toop Real Estate eventually secured a selling price of $2,500,000, making this by far the most immense sale of the week.

It is the blazing beacon that marks this week as the latest in South Australia’s wave of consistently positive real estate weeks. The clearance rate is in need of improvement, but with the high number of auctions taking place, this is by no means a mark of failure.