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Auction results – September week 4


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Capping off a month of high volumes is the most voluminous week so far, a colossal 132 auctions scheduled. This figure surpasses any in the last six months, and is of such immensity that evaluation of the resulting figures must be tempered with perspective.

Of the 132 scheduled, 101 results were recorded. This figure almost touches the 106 total scheduled last week, which only saw 79 recorded, but was nonetheless already a highly impressive week.

16 properties sold prior to auction and 43 sold at auction, amounting to 59 sales and a clearance rate of 58%. This is the lowest clearance rate since early July, the difference being that only 23 properties sold in that week, whereas almost three times that sold this week. As is often the case in such high-volume weeks, the clearance rate becomes an unreliable indicator of success.

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The average selling price, $690,610, is another indicator of the true productiveness of this week, the highest since mid-July. This figure spurred by a plethora of million-dollar sales.Several of these sales can be attributed to some of the most successful and award-winning real estate agents in South Australia. 36 West Parkway, in Colonel Light Gardens, was sold for $1,125,000 by Toop&Toop Real Estate’s Sharyn Mitten and Bronte Manuel. The latter being the winner of the REISA Auctioneering Championship for two consecutive years.

Two properties, 55 Winchester Street and 13 Fourth Avenue, are both located in the suburb of St Peters and were sold by the same agent; the highly successful Judy Morris of Klemich Real Estate. These properties were sold for $1,265,000 and $1,565,000 respectively, amounting to an enormously successful week for this real estate agent.

Tyson and Mandy Edwards sold 27 Scarborough Street in Somerton Park. This real estate team has been on the radar of SA Real Estate News for a while – Tyson’s illustrious AFL career and million-dollar debut in real estate, were the subject of a piece earlier this year. Evidently, this couple are not slowing down, this 1925 beach-side bungalow adding another lucrative sale to their record.

The most lucrative sale of the week, however, is that of 26 Thornber Street, Unley Park. Jordan Begley of Toop&Toop Real Estate facilitated the staggering $1,776,000 sale. Another bungalow, this sophisticated and impeccably designed home exceeds the already immense $1.5 million median selling price of Unley Park – data provided by CoreLogic. This sale sits atop this week’s gargantuan mass of sales, and at the utmost point of a plethora of highly lucrative ones.This week saw an enormous amount of sales, several of South Australia’s most successful real estate agents contributed to make this a highly profitable week. Though some figures do not reflect this, the sheer enormity of the volume counteracts any negativity, forming the uppermost point of a fantastic peak in real estate.