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Brighton beach box breaks price record


Box 60 on Brighton’s foreshore in Victoria has gone for a record price.

The white, blue and yellow beach shed was purchased ahead of its scheduled December 2 auction.

The box reportedly broke the previous record price of $326,000 for Box 85 last December.

News.com.au reports that Marshall White agent Barb Gregory, who handled the sale, would not disclose the official price but remarked that it was “well in excess” of the previous record.

For that price, you can buy a pretty decent unit in Adelaide.

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“They make for a brilliant social catalyst,” Gregory added. “And they’re a terrific investment too when it comes to capital growth. About 35 years ago I bought one for $3,200.”

The colourful beach boxes are an iconic fixture on the beach and often go on the market prior to Christmas.

Box 76E at Brighton’s Dendy Beach is also expected to go for $300,000 when it goes to auction on Sunday, December 9.

The Brighton Historical Society believes that the first bathing box was built back in the 1800s for women to use.

“There used to be a lot more – over the years they’ve been washed away; sometimes replaced, sometimes not,” said Brighton Historical Society member Dianne Reed.

Source: News.com.au/Herald Sun