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Choosing a Knife Block for Your Kitchen
A knife holder is something that everyone has in their kitchen. This is a basic tool that you can find in the kitchen but you should be aware of the different blocks you can find in the market and which will benefit you better.

Proper storage of knives will ensure a longer lifespan for them.

One of the popular designs for knife blocks is the traditional wooden block. This is a classic design that can add a certain aesthetic to your kitchen. This is simply a wooden block that will have multiple slots for different sizes of knives. More often than not, you can purchase the block with a set of knives as well. You can check whether the block has additional slots for other basic kitchen tools such as shears. It can be quite hard to get into the bottom of the slots to clean them. It is better to avoid contaminating them instead by making sure that you clean the knives well and make sure they are dry before you insert them into the block. You need to know how to properly use a wooden block as well as some mistakes such as pressing the edge of the knife into a vertical slot can actually contribute to dulling the blade.

A knife block that is commonly used in contemporary kitchens is the magnetic strip. This is basically a strip of magnet that is either exposed or covered by a different material that you can mount onto the wall. This is a great space-saving solution as you will not need to clutter the surface of the counter with a block. But the magnet should be strong enough to keep all the knives attached. If you buy a cheaper version with a weak magnet, it can do more harm than good as the knives can fall to the counter or floor.

This can damage the kitchen floor or seriously injure someone who is standing close by. With a magnetic block, you are able to see the knives clearly. This is an advantage over keeping knives in a drawer as it saves you the time to look for them. Cleaning a magnetic strip is also easier as all you need to do is wipe it down. There is another version of the magnetic block which is somewhere between the strip design and the traditional wooden design. 

If you’re worried about not seeing the knives in a wooden block requiring you to pull everything out to find what you’re looking for, you can go for a clear knife holder. This is a transparent block where you have slots for the knives much like the traditional version. It is a good way to display your knives as well. Another option is the universal knife block. This comes in handy when you purchase the knives without thinking about the storage. In this case, it can be quite hard to find a knife block that will fit all that you have purchased. A universal knife block solves this problem as its innovative design can hold any type of knife. This is because it has plastic fibers instead of specified slots. This can be taken out and cleaned as well.

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