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Choosing a Material for Vehicle Floor Mats

Floor mats are an essential element in any vehicle and they are used to protect the floor of the vehicle against debris such as dust, mud, dirt etc. If you have small children, there can be a lot of spills that can happen. And the floor mats give your feet better grip and traction when you are driving on the road.

There are so many different types of 4x4 floor mats in the market. You need to consider your own requirements as well when choosing one. These mats are exposed to a lot of dirt so you need to select something that is more durable. You can also find different materials for floor mats. You should also consider whether a multi-piece or single-piece solution is best for the mat. There are pros and cons to both. With a multi-piece mat, you will be able to clean it more easily. However, a single piece is more aesthetically pleasing and it will stay in place better than multi-piece mats. But these have the drawback of being high maintenance. There is a broad range of colours, styles and designs when it comes to vinyl floor mats. They are made of synthetic plastic and they have high resistance to chemicals and moisture. They are also cheaper than rubber floor mats. However, they tend to be less durable than rubber floor mats and you may see some warping and cracking over time when the mats are exposed to extreme temperatures.

Carpets made of tough nylon are one option and they come with an anti-slip rubber backing that keeps the carpet in place. There is a high level of customisation that can be achieved with carpet floor mats which is a great benefit. You can match it to the style and design of the vehicle interior and you will be able to follow one theme so everything is more or less uniform. However, carpets are best suited for vehicles that are not used frequently as they can accumulate a lot of dirt over time and wear out faster than other materials. This is more of an aesthetic choice. If the interior of the vehicle is kept clean meticulously, carpets may be the right option for you.

Rubber floor mats are very easy to clean and come with very low maintenance. They have higher durability as rubber is a strong material. The grooves on the rubber floor mats allow them to be used in any type of weather. They are also waterproof. The grooves help with traction as well. However, the designs available and the colour options on the market with regards to rubber mats are very limited and this may not always match your vehicle. The alternative is going with a neutral colour that is not very noticeable against the interior of the vehicle. There can be small cracks that form over time due to heat. However, rubber is a good material for vehicles that are geared towards more outdoor use. They are also great for families with children or pets.