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Classifications of Basic Kitchen Tools

Everyone wants to have a clean and complete kitchen to cook and prep their food. Having the most essential kitchen tools would ensure that you’re cooking every time would be a breeze. It does not necessarily mean that you need to buy every kitchen tools, gadgets and utensils there is or that having all of these would mean that you’d be able to cook well. In fact, most kitchens only have the minimum basics and these kitchens were able to put together delicious home cooked meals.

If you love to cook and you want to entertain guests at home, you should probably stock your kitchen not only with cookware and silverware but also with serve ware and storage ware.


Cookware is used to cook and prepare food in the kitchens. They are different from bakeware since cookware are generally used on a stove or a cooktop while the latter one is used in an oven. You don’t have to purchase bakeware right off the bat especially if you don’t bake but for cookware, it is recommended that you buy the necessary pots, pans and woks.

For cookware, you also need to buy kitchen utensils such as spatulas, tongs and other food preparation utensils. You might feel overwhelmed especially if you visit stores that sell kitchen supplies in Melbourne. You might end up wanting to buy everything they sell. Just remember though that you could buy the necessary first and then purchase anything else when you require them.

Serve ware

Serve ware and serving dish sets on the other hand is what you use when you serve food. It includes serving bowls and baskets, cheese boards and knives, serving platters and trays, appetizer serve ware, cake plates and stands, etc. You don’t need to have all of these. It depends on what you need and how frequent you entertain.

Others are actually only using food warmers or fancy storage ware and it’s perfectly fine. But if you entertain guests often, you should probably invest in beautiful and functional serve ware. They don’t need to be expensive, as long as they serve their purpose and they make the food you put in them look delectable, they are more than fine.

Storage ware

There will be times when you would have leftover food. Along with cookware, you should also purchase storage ware that are of the high quality to ensure that your leftover food would not be spoiled or spilled. Invest in glass containers and storage ware.

Don’t buy plastic ones with flimsy containers. Although plastic containers are generally affordable, at least buy from respected brands. Make sure that the containers would not stain and see if they would be able to tolerate the high temperature of your microwave and the low temperature of your refrigerator and freezer.

Don’t forget silverware, flatware or cutlery which is generally defined as any tools that is used in preparing, serving and of course, eating food. How else would you and your family and guests be able to enjoy the delicious food you prepared?

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