Source: Consumer Business Services

Concerns have risen within the real estate community about misinformation relating to the upcoming changes to legislation that governs property management within the state.

The impending changes to property management licensing are set to “shake up” the industry according to law makers; requiring property managers to go through a re-training and registration process. An announcement detailing the changes was published by Consumer & Business Services on the 13th of February, which stated:

“From 30 April 2018 certain compliance and enforcement provisions will commence under the Land Agents Act, providing Consumer and Business Services (CBS) with more power to take action against unprofessional behaviour.

“By 28 September 2019 all employees of a registered land agent who manage residential or commercial properties must have completed specific property management training and be registered as a property manager with CBS. The lengthy transition period aims to provide property managers’ sufficient time to complete their training before registration becomes mandatory on 28 September 2019.

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 “CBS will start receiving applications for property manager registrations from 1 February 2019.”

The concerns mostly relate to misleading or confusing statements regarding the timing of certain deadlines to the changes, with industry bodies releasing statements that suggest members should commence training sooner than required. Some of these statements were released as early as 12 to 18 months ago, suggesting the changes were “impending” or likely to be only a matter of weeks away.

Real Estate Training College Clears Confusion

John Morris of The Real Estate Training College (RETC) said in a statement to SA Real Estate News that the training college is committing to clear up the confusion around property manager registrations.

“The (RETC) are committed to all members of the real estate industry, and we will be hosting a session which we hope will shed light on what these changes really mean and the timeframes involved.”

The free event is open to the public regardless of whether they are a past student of the RETC, and will be a comprehensive look at all the upcoming changes.

Overall the industry has been supportive of the upcoming changes, Michael Williams the Co-Founder of Tenant Options and long-time industry member said:

“The content of the courses and requirements is thorough and I am eager to see how quickly Property Managers register to obtain their qualifications. I know only too well that in today’s market more than ever you need to demonstrate as many points of difference you can to stand out to landlords and employers and what makes you the best in your field.”

“Licensing will provide that extra added layer of professionalism to Property Managers, but Good customer service sits right along side of it, and it a lot of cases above.”